Urlacher, mom of his 11-year-old son back in court for custody hearing

FOX 32 NEWS - There is still no final decision in the custody dispute between former Bears star Brian Urlacher and the mother of his 11-year-old son.

Both sides were back in court Friday for a two-hour closed door hearing.

“He misses home. He wants to come home, he's sad,” said mother Tyna Robertson.

Robertson says her 11-year-old son should be living with her in Willow Springs, not with his father, Brian Urlacher, in Arizona. The former Bears star obtained temporary custody of the boy three months ago, moving him to Arizona, and Urlacher now wants to keep him there.

“This is ridiculous, for Brian to try and change custody on a horrible tragedy,” Robertson said.

In late December, Ryan Karageorge, Robertson's husband and the boy's stepfather, died of a gunshot wound to the head. That's when Urlacher asked for and received temporary custody of the boy.

Urlacher's attorneys questioned Robertson's possible involvement in her husband's death. Robertson told police she and Karageorge were arguing and that he grabbed a gun from her purse and shot himself. She believes it was an accident. The medical examiner ruled last week it was a suicide, so now Robertson says she should get the boy back.

“We're pleased that all the false allegations that have been made against Tyna have been proven to be 100 percent wrong,” said attorney Steve Lake.

“From the get go, I’ve told them that I had nothing to do with my husband's death. And they grabbed Kennedy and took him to Arizona. And it's a horrible situation,” Robertson said.

Urlacher and his attorney declined comment Friday. In the past, they've claimed Robertson filed extreme and false allegations against them.

The judge has now decided that the judge who heard the custody case last January ought to make the decision. So for now, Urlacher retains temporary custody.

Willow Springs police say that because the Karageorge death was ruled a suicide, the death investigation in the case is now closed.