Video shows Chicago cop throwing cup of coffee at motorcyclist

FOX 32 NEWS - A Chicago police officer is in hot water after throwing hot coffee in the face of a motorcyclist.

The encounter on Saturday was captured on video, which has now gone viral.

Eli does not want his face on camera, fearing retribution, but he wants people to see the actions of an as-yet unidentified Chicago police officer.
Eli was part of a group of bikers admittedly making some noise as they drove through River North when it happened.

"I saw the cop walking towards us. And I was like okay, we will keep it down,” Eli said. "As soon as I said that he threw his cup of coffee straight on my face. My visor was up so it splashed on my eyes and I was kind of stunned."

He says the hot coffee flew into his helmet, which still shows the stains.

Eli was riding with a large group called the Chicago United Riders, based on the Northwest Side. He says it's a miracle he didn't crash his bike.

"If I were a new rider, I would have crashed, got run over by a car, somebody would have got hurt,” Eli said.

Another club member, Mike, told FOX 32 he's never seen anything like this before from a police officer.

"They tell us to keep it down and stuff like that. But I've never seen one assault us with his coffee,” Mike said.

Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson says they've already opened an internal affairs investigation.

"I was shown that video a little while ago and I tell ya, there's nothing I can say to defend actions like that. We expect every officer to be professional, treat people fairly and reasonably. To that end we'll have an investigation,” Johnson said.

At the end of the video, Eli turns around and yells back at the officer.

"I got you on camera, bro. I got you,” he said.

"Most cops are great cops. I've had many great experiences with cops. I'm not sure why that cop hated us,” Eli said.

Superintendent Johnson says the officer seen in the video will be disciplined based on the outcome of the investigation.

CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi called the officer's behavior "very concerning" in an email.

WARNING: This video contains explicit language. Watch at your own discretion