WATCH: New video shows terrifying moments surrounding fatal shooting of suburban security guard

Newly-released video shows the terrifying moments and aftermath of the deadly suburban police shooting of 26-year-old Jemel Roberson in Robbins in November 2018.

The videos obtained by FOX 32 came by way of a freedom of information request to the Cook County Sheriff's Office. None of the videos released show the actual shooting, but we do see key parts of the aftermath, some which add new controversy to the shooting.

The 15 videos were taken by both witness cell phones and police cameras, which show the outrage by people outside Manny's Blue Room Lounge in Robbins as Roberson’s body lay motionless in some, and as life-saving measures are attempted in others.

For the first time, we also hear the moment that set the series of events leading up to Roberson’s death in motion. 

There was a gunman shooting inside the club as police say Roberson was eventually helping detain that gunman on the ground when a Midlothian police officer arrived at the scene and shot and killed Roberson.

An account not disclosed in an official statement about the incident was released by state police days later. That same witness was taken aside by another officer at the scene and told to hold his composure.

That same person also told police that Roberson was wearing clothing with the word "security" written on it, which is something investigators have not said is true.

The investigation into the shooting by state police still continues. The officer that shot Roberson is on administrative leave pending the outcome of that investigation.