Wife of suspect in Indiana girls' murders speaks out

The wife of a man being questioned in the Delphi, Indiana double murder case is speaking out.

Indiana State police are still looking for the suspect in the deaths of teen girls Abby Williams and Libby German. Their bodies were found in February near a bridge where they went missing the day before.

Katelyn Nations said her husband, Daniel Nations, looks like the police-issued sketch.

"I've been with Daniel for almost six years, we've been married, and looking at that picture and looking him, there's a lot of similarities,” said Katelyn Nations.

Nations was arrested last month for threatening people with a hatchet on a trail in Colorado and now ISP are calling him a “person of interest” in the Delphi case.

“Even everything that I had been through with Daniel I didn't think he was somebody that I thought could do something of that magnitude,” said Katelyn.

Katelyn nations says the suspect sketch does look like her husband, but the picture released of the suspect the day of the murder, does not.

“That's not something my husband would wear,” said Katelyn. “The dark blue jacket he did not have, he does not wear a hat like that, he only wears ball caps."

At the time of the murders, Daniel was living homeless in Indiana and his wife cannot remember his exact whereabouts.

“I had an ultrasound that day and I’m pretty sure he came with me, but I'm not 100%,” said Katelyn. The following day, she knows they were together because she drove him to a routine sex offender check-in at an Indiana police station.

Katelyn claims the two of them talked about the mysterious murders and the missing suspect.

“I remember watching it with him and just sitting there shaking my head and I said, 'Can you believe this crap?' and he says 'No, that’s disgusting, can't believe somebody would do something like that,’” said Katelyn about watching news coverage of the crime.

Nations is still being held in a Colorado prison.