Mississippi raises new flag over state capitol

Mississippi hoisted a new state flag without the Confederate battle emblem on Monday, just over six months after legislators retired the last state banner in the U.S. that included the divisive rebel symbol.

Nebraska and Utah voters remove 'slavery' as a possible criminal punishment

Residents of Utah and Nebraska stripped their constitutions of provisions that allowed slavery as a punishment for criminal convictions. Mississippi voters approved a state flag without the X-shaped design of the Confederate battle flag. Rhode Island dumped 'Plantations' from its name. And Alabama voters removed racist traces of segregation from its constitution.

From Texas to Alabama, coastal residents prepare for back-to-back hurricanes

People along the Gulf Coast, from Texas to Alabama, are preparing for twin hurricanes expected to hit this week within 48 hours of each other. "You're looking at a potential for a major flood event that lasts for some time," said a weather service storm expert. "And that's not even talking about the wind."