7-year-old Chicago boy credited with saving his mom's life

FOX 32 NEWS - Some quick thinking by a 7-year-old boy on Chicago’s South Side may have helped save his mother's life.

Romeo Holland's mom is a Chicago Police officer. He stayed calm and called 9-1-1 during her medical emergency.

“She didn't die. I want her to stay alive,” Romeo said.

Four days before Christmas, Chicago police officer Sherece Holland was at home with her son and her mother when she lost her balance. Then, she lost the feeling in her arms and was unable to speak. Officer Holland's mother started to panic, but her son Romeo calmed the grandmother down, took her to the family's alarm pad and dialed 9-1-1. His quick response may have saved his mother's life.

“He noticed that she was looking dizzy and stumbling, this is something that it would have been very easy for him to say, you know, mom lay down on the couch, and had she done that, there's a chance that she just wouldn't have woken up or we certainly wouldn't have had this outcome,” said Dr. Scott Geraghty of Advocate Christ Medical Center.

“He saved my life. He acted quickly and he saved my life,” said Officer Holland.

Doctors quickly realized Officer Holland had suffered a major stroke. After Doctor Geraghty cleared the blockage, the artery was flowing again. Officer Holland has fully recovered without any lasting side effects.

Doctors say Officer Holland's case illustrates the importance of being able to recognize stroke symptoms and getting potential victims to the hospital as quickly as possible.

“Everybody understands a chest pain is a heart attack, but somehow the importance of early finding, early detection of stroke, has gone unnoticed. We can do amazing things if people get to the hospital quick enough,” said Dr. Melvin Wichter of Advocate Christ Medical Center.

Stroke experts say always remember the acronym FAST – Facial drooping, Arm weakness, Speech difficulties, and Time – time to call for emergency help.

Staffers at Advocate Christ are now taking this message to the schools so youngsters like Romeo will save even more lives.

Romeo says he wants to be a scientist when he grows up because in his own words, he's "so smart."