Chicago man lends a helping hand to Texans after Harvey

In Houston, the damage is extensive and officials estimate it will take more than a year to clean up the mess and $200 million dollars.

As the clean-up continues, many Texans just cross their fingers, hope and pray that someone comes to help them. That's exactly what one Chicago man did last week.

“It was horrible, there was stuff everywhere, everything is in the front yards and some houses have the roofs ripped off and the cars smashed by trees - just a warzone,” said Mike Rolland who went to Texas with friends and donated semi-trucks full of donated supplies.

They were directed to the small town of Bacliff - southeast of Houston and right on the water.

“The whole town smells like mold, everyone is tearing out drywall,” said Rolland.

That's where they met Kelsey Bradley and her family, including two young children. Bradley was starting to lose hope.

“I really didn't think we were going to get any help at all,” said Bradley, who is right now, living with three other adults and her two kids on the second floor of their home.

“My downstairs is unlivable, we still have the walls open,” said Bradley over the phone Wednesday night.

Rolland said his heart broke for this family, living in a home with mold on the first floor. So, he donated supplies and $300 dollars out of his own pocket to help pay for lumber.

Rolland and his friends are still collecting supplies and plan to head back to Texas over the weekend.

What they need donated:
Medical supplies
Empty buckets and spray bottles
Baby wipes
Bug spray


You can drop things of at:
Eagles Sports Range
5900 W 159th Street Oak Forest, IL 60452