Chicago police sued after wrong home raided, 8-year-old boy handcuffed

A fifth lawsuit has been filed against the city of Chicago for a police raid on the wrong home. An innocent family says they were terrorized.

On March 15, Alberta Wilson says Chicago police woke her up, along with her four children, to execute a search warrant. Wilson says she was detained for hours, her 8-year-old child was handcuffed, and the family was forced to stand without coats in the freezing rain.

Additionally, Chicago police used an explosive device to blow a hole in their ceiling.

"Even after they released him out the handcuffs, they showed no remorse. He's a baby. Where's your leadership? 'Sorry young man. We sorry for placing you in handcuffs, are you ok?' None of that was shown,” Wilson said.

This is the fifth lawsuit involving children of color suffering PTSD from police raiding a wrong home. In the first case, in 2018, the city awarded the victims $2.5 million.