Chicago renews legal fund for immigrants facing deportation

Alisdare Hickson | Flickr

Chicago has renewed a legal fund for immigrants facing deportation. 

Aldermen widely approved a budget Tuesday for next year that includes $1.3 million for immigrant legal services. 

Chicago was among several cities that boosted legal services for immigrants as a response to Donald Trump's election to the presidency and aggressive promises to crack down on illegal immigration. 

Chicago first approved started the fund last December.  

The money was distributed to organizations, including the National Immigrant Justice Center, which says the fund was used to provide legal consultations to roughly 1,700 Chicagoans and legal representation in 900 immigration cases. 

Advocates say legal representation is crucial because immigrants aren't guaranteed a lawyer in immigration court. 

There's been little opposition, but some have questioned the use of taxpayer funds for such a fund.