Chicagoans continue to raise money, awareness for Puerto Rico

Chicagoans with ties to Puerto Rico are still trying to keep the disaster relief in the forefront and raising money and awareness about the situation on the island.

On Tuesday, Representative Luis Gutierrez took to the House floor armed with a package of paper towels. He said they were sent to him shortly after President Donald Trump was seen tossing paper towels to hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico.

"Having returned from my second trip to Puerto Rico since the hurricane I can tell you one thing for sure, we need a lot more than paper towels from the President and this Congress," said the Congressman.

When the hurricane made landfall one month ago, the images were terrifying to those in Chicago's Humboldt Park, where many have close ties to the island.

"I have a couple of cousins out there and I haven't heard from them though, but hopefully we do hear from them soon," said Victoria Cedeno who added it's worrisome but she has faith her family is okay.

Cedeno works at Puerto Rican restaurant, Papa's Cache Sabroso in Humboldt Park, where they are still trying to raise money for hurricane survivors.

Nancy Garcia and her husband, who's Puerto Rican, have friends who've retired to the island.

"Seeing the images in line waiting to get water or to get gas it's just really heartbreaking," said Garcia.

Rep. Gutierrez, who's of Puerto Rican descent, has been personally delivering supplies to hurricane survivors. He said the power is still out and clean water is hard to come by.

"Where is the help that we expect form the most powerful and richest nation in the earth in this moment of despair?" said Rep. Gutierrez.

Tuesday the Senate passed a $36.5 billion Hurricane relief bill, which was already passed by the House.

The measure now goes to the White House where President Trump is expected to sign it.