Chicago's top cop comments on harassment of girl raped on FB Live: 'It's sickening'

FOX 32 NEWS - There are still no arrests in the case of the teen girl who was sexually assaulted by multiple attackers on Facebook Live.

Chicago’s police superintendent says he's disgusted by those who have turned on the victim and her family.

“It's sickening. It's disgusting. You know, she's been victimized once, now we're going to continue to keep victimizing her?” said Supt. Eddie Johnson.

On Friday, Chicago's top cop commented for the first time on reports of harassment toward the 15-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted on Facebook Live. A group of local activists says the family should be relocated.

“It was dead wrong what happened to this young lady. But most important right now, the young lady needs to be relocated where she can get the services and help she needs so she can heal,” said Tio Hardiman of Violence Interrupters.

Superintendent Johnson says the state's attorney office has offered relocation assistance.

“I know that the family has been harassed quite a bit, there have been no actual threats of violence but they're being taunted and harassed, so we have a special attention on that residence. We take this seriously,” Supt. Johnson said.

Police say after the girl disappeared on Sunday, Facebook video showed her being assaulted by as many as six individuals. She was found on Tuesday.

“Right now what we know is we're dealing with a lot of juveniles. When you're dealing with juveniles, that process takes a lot longer than when you're filing with adult offenders,” Supt. Johnson said.

An estimated 40 Facebook users watched the assault live, as it occurred, yet police say not one of them reported the crime.

“It’s better for us to take our time and get it right, than to rush it and get it wrong. So we want to hold everybody accountable in this investigation that needs to be held accountable. Those individuals involved in the Facebook and anybody else along the way,” Supt. Johnson said.

At least four crimes in Chicago have been shown live on Facebook since last fall. Facebook says it's got employees checking 24/7 for inappropriate postings, and a single complaint can lead to videos being pulled.

An organization in North Lawndale called The Young Men's Education Network has set up a GoFundMe campaign for the victim's family. The ultimate goal is to raise $75,000 to help the family buy a home.