City officials, community call for peace after 6 injured during shooting at gender reveal party

A call for peace was made Tuesday night at the same location where six people were injured in a shooting, including two children, during a gender reveal party on Saturday night.

A 10-year-old boy who was shot just had his respirator removed. Now, that community gathers for answers.

“If we ever needed the Lord before, we sure need him now,” said Ericka Robinson, a neighbor.

At the corner of 64th and Seeley, the emotions of a bloody weekend were met with prayer.

“We’ve got to care before it's your child lying on the floor,” said Robinson.

The location is where residents met with City police, just a few houses down from the shooting. At that home, Chicago's police superintendent and mayor met with a family member.

For Robinson and her 10–year-old son, this is too close to home.

“My heart went out to that mother that father because I definitely wouldn't want anything to happen to my 10-year-old,” said Robinson.

The shooting was one of many over the weekend. It was a bloody stretch, at one point, leaving 24 people wounded in just 30 hours. Four of those people died.

Operation Wake-Up is where people came to speak with police in hopes of forging meaningful relationships ahead of what could be a very violent summer. A hurting community is leaning on each other for comfort during a trying time

Police still looking for the shooter. They say the family is not cooperating with investigators.