Elementary school student sexually assaulted on bus, 4 students suspended

An investigation is underway into a shocking incident onboard a school bus in Douglasville.

A spokesperson for the Douglas County School District said four students from Burnett Elementary are banned from school buses and suspended from school after a Kindergartner was sexually assaulted on a bus.

For many parents at the school, news of the sexual assault of a is beyond comprehension.

"Oh no, I didn't hear about that, a kindergarten student, oh my goodness. I have a first grader here so that's kind of like oh wow," said Monique Hill, the parent of a Burnett Elementary student.

The redacted police report does not indicate the sex or age of the victim, but it does list the violation as a sexual assault.

The school district said the incident occurred on a school bus last week on a Tuesday afternoon route on Anna Way in Douglasville.

Monique Hill said her daughter often rides school busses which she said are without bus monitors.

"It's just the bus driver so maybe they need to add an additional teacher's aide, take kids off the bus, monitor them, if the bus drivers driving, they can focus on the kids," said Hill.

On the police report, a 9-year-old boy was listed on the suspect sheet.

The school district said three other elementary school students were involved in a peripheral way in the inappropriate sexual incident.

"A younger child was bothered and molested by older kids. And you think this is a safe haven," said Theresa Miller, who was picking up a student she was babysitting for a friend.

In a written statement, the district goes on to explain:

"The four students were immediately suspended from riding the bus. Following the law enforcement investigation, during which all parents cooperated, the four students are now also suspended from school pending a tribunal".

"I'm not blaming the parents, I'm not blaming the kids, I'm not blaming the bus driver, it's just this world, unfortunately," said Miller.

No word on the timing of the school tribunal which will play a big role in determining if the students involved may or may not return to the school.