Footage shows deputies' view of Port Richey shootout

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Newly-released body camera video shows the terrifying moments Pasco County deputies ended up in a shootout with a man who had just killed someone.

The video was recorded by cameras worn by Deputies Nick Carmack and Michael Sudler.  It begins as the two deputies arrive at the scene on Constance Avenue in Port Richey last Thursday.

The two deputies can be seen approaching Brian Disario, 30, with their guns drawn; one was holding a handgun, the other was armed with a rifle. Seconds after Carmack is heard shouting orders to Disario to show his hands, Disario opens fire and the deputies shoot back.

During an afternoon news conference, Sheriff Chris Nocco described the deputies' actions as heroic; there was a school packed with children a few hundred yards away and Carmack and Sudler had to act quickly to secure the neighborhood.

"They made a conscious decision to do anything they had to do to protect those kids in school and protect the community," Nocco said. "Probably moments before this they were driving on patrol and doing what they had to do and seconds later, they're in a life-and-death situation, putting their lives on the line."

Before deputies arrived at the scene, Disario's mother called 911 to report that her son had shot a man in their garage.

"My son shot someone. He is schizophrenic. Please get the officers and ambulance here now. He's got a loaded gun," the mother can be heard in a 911 recording also released Monday.

Investigators said Disario was mentall ill and had killed a family friend, David Armstrong, 56, because he thought Armstrong had hit on his imaginary girlfriend.

According to the sheriff, after the shootout, Disario went back into his home where he took his own life.

A neighbor who now has a huge bullet hole in her car because of the shootout was thankful for how law enforcement handled the situation.

"I'm a little upset, but I'm glad the kids at the school are safe, my kids work at that school, they're safe, the [deputies] were amazing," Barbara Ramsauer said.

Nocco said detectives later determined Disario had an AR-15 rifle and a .22 caliber rifle. It's unclear how he was able to obtain the weapons.

The sheriff said the deputies involved were shaken up but are doing well considering the circumstances.