Horses weathering Irma inside owner's home get comfortable—maybe too comfortable

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A group of horses weathering Hurricane Irma inside their owner's home got comfortable--maybe a little too comfortable, in fact. 

Volunteers at Horses that Help in Palm Beach, Florida brought eight horses into their concrete-block living room, laying down mats, tarps and wood shavings to make the animals feel right at home during the storm. 

"This is kind of crazy train having them all in the house," founder Yvonne Moritz said in one video posted to the organization's Facebook page. "I would not recommend this! But Irma kept changing direction every time we made an evacuation plan."

After nearly 32 hours the worst of the storm had passed and the horses were sent outside--happy and healthy--but after getting a taste of the good life the horses only wanted more.

As the long cleanup process began, more videos shared to the Horses that Help Facebook page show horses returning inside through the door, despite their owners' best efforts to clear the area. 

The horses' original pen is still flooded, leaving the animals to roam the yard, owners said, though even after the house's door was closed and the horses' indoor privileges were revoked the animals were still trying to fit their heads in through windows to enjoy the air conditioning.

Though it was slow going at first the house has been cleared of debris, according to Moritz, even if repairs like a new coat of paint and a lingering horse odor remain. With the power back on and things almost back to normal, everyone's just happy that things weren't worse.

"It smelled so bad, it was awful," she said over the phone. "I mopped like eight times and my eyes hurt from the bleach ... but we're doing well."

For more information on Horses that Help you can visit their website here.