Man who was driving veteran to VA hospital charged with killing him

BERWYN, Illinois (Fox 32 News) - Suburban Chicago police investigating a double murder have arrested the man who drove one of the elderly victims to the local veterans hospital.

Ira Moore, 67, and Tommie Moore, 70, were founded shot and stabbed in their home in Berwyn on April 1. Ira Moore was a Vietnam veteran and double amputee. His wife Tommie suffered from Alzheimer's. 

Roger Scoby, 40, is accused of murdering the couple. Police said he drove Ira Moore to his appointments at Hines VA Hospital. Scoby was an employee of a company that contracts with the hospital to drive patients to their appointments.

Police said guns missing from the Moores' home were found in Scoby's home. Once he was arrested, police said he confessed.

Scoby is a father of two and has a criminal record for armed carjacking and armed robbery. It's not clear how or whether he passed a criminal background check for the subcontractor who hired him to job drive for the hospital or his job with Uber.

Prosecutors said that Scoby had developed a friendship with Ira Moore. On the afternoon of March 30, police said, Scoby went to the Moores' house with a six pack of beer and had a drink with Ira, when shot him in the back of the head with his own gun.

When Tommie came to investigate the noise, police said Scoby shot and stabbed her.

Hines VA Hospital said in a statement, "Hines VA agreements with our transportation providers require background checks for all drivers. We will be working with our providers to fully understand this situation and take actions as appropriate."

Scoby is being held without bail.