Mendoza on hit-and-run suspect: 'a menace to society'

John "Quarters" Boyle, who's gone to prison twice on corruption charges, was back in a courtroom Tuesday.

He's accused of fleeing from a hit-and-run accident on the Northwest Side.

One of Illinois’ top elected officials recorded video from that hit-and-run and has a personal interest in the case.

“Guys like this get away with what they get away with because nobody stands up to them,” state comptroller Susana Mendoza said.

In July, while out on a bike ride, Mendoza recorded video of what she believed was a drunken driver involved in a four vehicle collision on the Northwest side. She also recorded one of the accident victims trying to stop the driver from leaving the scene, and she followed the driver into a nearby mini-mart.

She didn't learn until later that the driver she was following was John Boyle, nicknamed John "Quarters" Boyle because of his conviction two decades ago for stealing four million dollars, mostly in quarters, from the Illinois Tollway.

Boyle was back in a courtroom Tuesday on charges stemming from that July hit-and-run and Mendoza was there, too.

“He should still be in jail. He is still a menace to society,” Mendoza said.

After serving time for the tollway conviction, Boyle landed a job with the city's Department of Transportation. He was caught taking bribes and sent to prison again. Mendoza says she's not concerned about taking on someone known for his clout.

“I think people are very happy that someone's standing up to this big bully, and I may have to get some security cameras around my house these days and take better precautions at home, but that's just to be on the safe side,” Mendoza said.

Boyle is charged with leaving the scene of an accident and driving without insurance. Mendoza would like to see an additional charge of driving under the influence.

Boyle previously posted his driver's license for bond. He asked to post a cash bond instead, but the judge said no. Mendoza wants to make sure he gets no favors.

“A guy like that thinks he can skate all the time. Why? Because for years he has,” Mendoza said.

Boyle's next scheduled court appearance is January 11.