New Illinois laws to know as they go into effect on Jan. 1

235 new laws go into effect in Illinois on Jan. 1 with many only affect a handful of people, but others may impact you.

If you've got children under the age of two, a new law in Illinois will now require that they ride in safety seats which face the rear of the car. The new legislation follows the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which says rear-facing seats are the safest ride for kids. However, children who are more than 40 inches tall, or weigh over 40 pounds, are exempt. 

Another new law next year could lead to fewer sirens being sounded in the city. The law says rescue vehicles only need to sound their sirens when it's “reasonably necessary to warn pedestrians and other drivers” of their approach. 

And speaking of warnings, those bright orange colors which hunters display to worn other hunters of their presence won't be the only acceptable color anymore. The state says blaze pink will also be an okay color for hunter's outfits. 

There are also new laws regarding guns. The purchase of any firearm must include a 72- hour waiting period, and relatives or police can go to court, seeking an order to have a gun taken away from someone who is a danger to themselves or others. 

There will also be closer scrutiny of carnival workers. Background checks have been required in the past, but the general assembly has toughened the penalties, saying operators can lose their permits if background checks aren't done.

Among the remaining new laws for next year, nursing mothers can be excused from jury duty, social media messages can be considered in prosecuting stalkers, and if your bosses expect you to use your personal phone for work, then they've got to reimburse you.