New video shows suspect in bike repair shop not long before woman was shot in the back

There is chilling new video in the brazen shooting involving a gunman on a bike. Chicago police say the woman who was shot was targeted.

Shortly before the shooting, surveillance video shows the gunman was in a repair business for 28 minutes getting his bike tire fixed -- the same bike he rode on as he shot the woman in the back. Police are hoping someone recognizes him.

The gunman went into the repair business at 11:04 Wednesday morning. He got his tire repaired using a prepaid credit card with a name on it that police say could be bogus.

While inside, he took off his hat, showing that he is bald with an athletic build. He seemed calm, and he came alone and left alone.

Then, at 11:50 a.m., he rolled past a group of people who were walking down the side of the street to go get lunch, where he fired one shot into the back of the 28-year-old female victim. He took off northbound on Milwaukee and has not been seen since.

Chicago police have not given any new updates, but did say this was not a random shooting.

The woman is in stable condition at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. If you recognize the gunman, call police.