Rauner opposed to Trump sending National Guard into Chicago

FOX 32 NEWS - President Trump has threatened repeatedly to "send in the feds" unless officials reduce Chicago’s bloody violence. 

Governor Rauner said Friday that if the president means military units, then he's opposed. 

Bruce Rauner said experts on violent crime have told him what they've told us here at FOX 32: Deploying the National Guard would do little to stop the targeted, gang-related killings that plague parts of Chicago.

“National Guard troops are not trained to be community police officers,” Rauner said.

The governor hinted that the proposed 2018 budget he's scheduled to present next Wednesday will include a request to hire additional state troopers.

“At the state police, we're increasing our force. We’re working to expand our cadet, graduating classes so we can up our presence. We’ve had a surge here. We’ve put more state police on the roads here, in Chicago, on the roads here which is our jurisdiction with the state,” Rauner said.

Rauner spoke at a news conference called to highlight increases in state contracts with minority-owned businesses. Reporters asked about another controversy involving President Trump, his ban on travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

“I’m concerned. I believe that the ban, or the executive order was overly broad, was hurried. And I do not support restricting travel or immigration based upon religion,” Rauner said.

The governor reiterated his support for a "pause" in immigrants from Syria being relocated to Illinois. He said it's because ISIS still controls parts of that country and intends to harm Americans.