Suburban police use holiday music in hopes of catching theft suspect

Orland Park police are looking for the Grinch who stole somebody’s credit card and racked up tens of thousands of dollars in purchases, and they’re using holiday music to help find the culprit.

Orland Park Police Commander Tony Farrell says they try to have some fun with "Wanted Wednesday" -- a weekly series posted on the department's Facebook page highlighting someone wanted for a crime.

The man in this week's video, set to "Jingle Bells," is wanted for stealing credit cards from a wallet in a health club locker room -- a credit card later used by a group of people.

"They took those credit cards immediately and they went to a couple stores in Orland Park, Best Buy and JC Penny's and some stores out of town and began to rack up quite a bill,” Farrell said.

Quite a bill indeed -- more than $30,000 in fraudulent purchases. But instead of just putting the suspect's picture on a wanted poster, the officers behind "Wanted Wednesday" decided to do it with some holiday cheer.

"And everybody seems to enjoy the puns and the humor and it's helping us get the word out on social media to solve some of these crimes and it's been pretty successful,” Farrell said.