Warm weather brings Chicagoans outside

CHICAGO (Fox 32 News) - It’s been warm outside, a change of pace from weather Chicagoans are used to experiencing this time of year.

Saturday, after a week of warm temperatures, people all over the city were out experiencing it. Many people were spotted riding bikes along the lakefront, going for a jog or taking a stroll.

At Millennium Park, the choice was ice skating, just as it was around the corner at Maggie Daley where there was a line of people waiting to get skates.

“There's no way it should be this nice in December,” said Tyler Watson, waiting in line with her boyfriend, Jalen Kobayashi.

The fact that it is Dec. and remains pleasant outside also caused the Bean, always a draw, to appear, somehow, busier. People flocked to the city’s Christmas tree, as well.

Kobayashi said he was out specifically due to the warmer weather.

“That's why we came out today, because we wouldn't come out when it's negative four,” he said.

But with all good things, the warm weather, too, will come to an end, with hopes it cools in time for Christmas.

“I do like a white Christmas,” said Paige Strobel as she laced her skates at Maggie Daley park before taking to the ice.