Abortion poll finds majority of Illinois residents are pro-choice, only 14% pro-life

A voter opinion survey taken this month before Friday’s Supreme Court ruling found a majority of Illinoisans are pro-choice on abortion.

But most also support restrictions on the procedure after the first trimester of pregnancy.

In a nutshell, most Illinois voters have views that are more nuanced than we sometimes hear in the polarized, public debate over abortion. The survey was done by Matt Podgorski of Ogden & Fry.


"A vast majority of Illinoisans agree that there are situations and there are exceptions where abortion should either be regulated or it should be allowed," Podgorski said.

An abortion poll by Ogden & Fry found 22% of Illinois voters are 100% pro-choice, favoring no restrictions; pro-choice with some limits, 40%; pro-life with some limits, 24%; and 100% pro-life, 14%.

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Asked if taxpayer dollars should support abortion: 28% said yes; no, 56%; unsure, 17%.

Asked about allowing abortion, no limits at all, 22%; up to 20 weeks, 26%; up to 12 weeks, 18%; up to six weeks, 16%; never, even to save a mother's life, 17%.

78% of Illinois voters favor requiring a pregnant minor's parents be notified in advance of an abortion, though not requiring their permission. It's a requirement Illinois recently abolished.