Angry man charged with DUI after ordering 200 hash browns

Håkan Dahlström Photography / Flickr

A Sydney [Australia] man allegedly ordered 200 hash browns from a McDonald’s drive-through before being arrested by police and registering a blood-alcohol level of 0.175.

The alleged incident took place about 4:50am on Saturday at the Thornleigh McDonald’s drive-through in northern Sydney.

Police claim the 30-year-old Epping man became angry at staff when he couldn’t order chicken nuggets because they weren’t on the breakfast menu, reported the Hornsby Advocate. Instead he opted for hundreds of dollars worth of hash browns.

The man reportedly did four laps of the drive-through during the incident and ordered the 200 hash browns on his second go around.

How he was ever going to eat so many hash browns is anyone’s guess, but in the end he never got the chance. After police were called he was allegedly found intoxicated at the wheel, while still waiting for his hash browns.

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