Bicyclist records confrontation with officers on The 606 Trail

There’s trouble on The 606 Trail after a cyclist got into a confrontation with park district police, and the battle was caught on camera.

The path is designed for bikers and joggers, but cell phone video shows a disturbing exchange between a biker and Chicago Park District security officers in an SUV. In the video, the biker has a few words for the driver who then chases after the biker at a high rate of speed, seemingly taunting the rider and appears to even run him off the road.

The video was posted to Instagram. It happened on The 606 Trail near Humboldt Park.

"I'm really shocked. Like that shouldn’t be happening on The 606,” said Kaydlin Shanklin.

"Nobody expects a car or an SUV here. It's not safe,” said Mike Callahan.

"I'm glad it didn't happen to me. And they shouldn't be up there,” said Lee Edwards.

The Chicago Park District says otherwise. FOX 32 sent them the video and received the following response: “Our director of security is investigating the incident. And yes, authorized vehicles are allowed on The 606. They do patrol the area.”

But people FOX 32 spoke to said they've never seen patrol cars on the path.

Riders say the solution is to put patrols on two wheels, instead of four.

"The security should have their own bike not a car because a car on a path people like go on the path to ride bikes and stuff. And like you don't want to get hit,” Shanklin said.