Boys rescue 4-year-old girl with autism from drowning in creek

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Source: Roman Forest Police Department

Two 12-year-old boys are being hailed as heroes after rescuing a 4-year-old girl with autism from drowning in a creek in Texas Thursday evening, police said.

The preteens were riding their bikes near the creek when the girl, who tried to swing on a limb, fell into the water, KTRK reports. One of them pulled the girl out of the water while the other assisted, according to the Roman Forest Police.

"I just pulled over here to text my wife and check in on her. I left some friends' house that live out here," said Randy Duke, a passerby flagged down by the boys. "A young man on a bicycle pulled up and asked me to call 911 and said they'd just pulled a little girl out of the creek."

When police arrived, they wrapped the girl up in some jackets to keep her warm. She was taken to the hospital and later reunited wither her mother and stepfather.

Roman Forest Police Department posted about the rescue on Facebook, thanking the two boys for their help.

"4 year old girl is okay. No charges will be filed at this time pending a complete investigation. Mother and child have been reunited," the Facebook post reads. "The two 12 year-old boys who saved this girl are heroes in the eyes of RFPD. Thank you for your quick action."