Cheap airfare is better than sex, according to nearly 50 percent of Americans

sigmama | Flickr

Perhaps the thrill of the chase is more powerful than we’ve previously accounted for. According to a survey released August 23 by discount travel site Priceline, 44 percent of adults polled reported that saving money on airfare feels better than sex.

The nationally surveyed respondents — men and women between 18 and 69 years old who have booked a flight within the last year — shared their feelings on booking inexpensive flights. Predictably, almost half said it felt good to save money on trips. One in four described feeling smart or accomplished after scoring a deal.

Fascinatingly, an extensive margin of respondents said that nabbing a good flight deal was more exciting than typically relaxing or socializing activities. 70 percent said that booking a flight deal was better than beer or wine, 69 percent said it’s better than binge watching television, 61 percent preferred it to spending time with friends, and 59 percent said it was even greater than a great first date.

With Priceline’s findings released on the unofficially dubbed "cheap flight day," there’s now even more justification to book your next getaway.

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