Chicago's Happiness Club heading to White House to perform at Easter Egg Roll

On Monday, President Obama and the First Lady will hold their eighth and final Easter egg roll on the White House lawn, and a talented group of local performers from Chicago's Happiness Club will be among the star-studded line-up of entertainers.

They hail from the Southside, the West side, the Northside and the suburbs -- a talented ensemble of young people diverse in age, in background, and in race.

But as members of Chicago's Happiness Club they share a common goal: Delivering a bold message to their peers through song and dance

The mission is for us to get out and encourage and inspire other young people to be amazing and be great...we are so sick of the stigma of  Chicago youth," said Tanji Harper, founder and artistic director. "There are so many young Chicago kids that are talented and smart and really on the right path."

The Happiness cCub prides itself on teaching without preaching, tackling today's tough issues like the dangers of drugs, gangs and violence, and convincing young people that tolerance, self-esteem and education are the cornerstones of a better life.

They rely on their unique talents to get their message across.

"They're like, 'Oh, we can dance, we can shake that stress off, and then they start singing the song and all of a sudden they're like, 'Oh, I get it. I feel better," said Brandy Ford.