Community on edge after home invasion, brutal rape on South Side

CHICAGO (Fox 32 News) - A terrifying home invasion and sexual assault has people demanding answers in Brighton Park.

The assault has the South Side community on edge.

FOX 32 did speak with the victim of the brutal attack, but she did not want to go on camera. She told us that she's still startled and recovering.

“It was really scary when I heard the news that it happened in the daytime so close to home, so close to school and to church,” said resident Balem Mondragon.

It was during Sunday morning mass around 8 a.m. when the attack happened just across the street.

“For me it just hit home. I got a wife and five children, four of those are girls,” said resident Joseph Williams.

On Wednesday, community members were welcomed back to Five Holy Martyrs Church by Alderman Raymond Lopez and Chicago police.

“We are examining multiple sources of video and we do have a couple of promising leads,” said Police Captain Don Jerome of the 9th District.

Captain Don Jerome says there is no pattern of sex assaults in the area and they've increased patrols.

“Sometimes when you put more police cars out there, you've got a chance that people may not commit certain crimes,” Williams said.

Police released a community alert about the crime Monday. They say a man in his 20s unlawfully entered the victim's home near 43rd and South Richmond, choked her until she blacked out and raped her.

“She’s okay now but because of the brutality of the crime, we are really interest in getting those responsible as soon as we can,” Captain Don Jerome said.

Police say the offender then took off with the victim’s cell phone and she walked four blocks to a fire station for help.

The offender is being described as weighing 200-250 pounds and about 5-foot-8. He has a mustache and beard and was wearing black pants, a black shirt that said "security" on it and a black bandana.