Cows found cooling off in lake after running away from suburban home

LAKE VILLA, Ill. (FOX 32) -- Two repeat offenders created quite the spectacle in suburban Lake Villa, as it appears a pair of cows were just looking for a way to beat the heat. 

The sisters, named Doris and Hilda, were the talk of the town Wednesday. They are well-known escape artists, with undeniably great hair. 

"We don't get this every morning that's for sure,” said Gary Kerne, Lake Villa resident. 

“We get strange calls all the time, but not of this magnitude,” said Deputy Jon Zacharias, Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

By the look of it, the bovines broke out overnight. Surprised neighbors who didn’t quite know what they were seeing discovered them. 

"They're such a unique brand of cow, I guess that's not a cow, are those bulls?" said Kerne.

The Scottish Highland cows traveled two miles, ending like a pair of Loch Ness monsters, in a nearby pond. 

"I mean they were loving the lake, they were kissing each other,” said Jacqueline Armstrong, the owner of the cows.”​​​​​​​

A nearly two-hour slow-speed chase ensued before they found their way home themselves. 

It turns out, this is the third time the sisters have made a run for it. 

"It's happened before and they ended up going over that way, close to the main road and there was three policemen, one with a lasso, and I had to tell him, 'put the lasso down because you're just going to scare them,'” said Armstrong.

Armstrong says she’s investing in an electric fence.