Deadly Oklahoma home invasion: 911 calls released by police

Robert Freiberger | Flickr

Officials in Oklahoma have released the 911 call made after three teenage burglars were shot to death during a suspected home invasion, as police continue to investigate whether the homeowner's son acted in self-defense under the state's "Stand Your Ground" law.

Deputies said Zach Peters shot three teenagers shortly Monday afternoon after they broke through a glass door in the rear of the home just east of the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow.

In the 911 call, Peters told the dispatcher he shot three people who'd broken into his house. 

"I've just been broken into. Two men, two I've shot in my house," the 23-year-old says during the call, to which the dispatcher replied, "was one of them shot?"

"Yes, two of them," Peters replied.

When asked by the dispatcher if they were bleeding, Peters replied "Yes. I believe one... one's down, one's still talking here with me now."

He later told the dispatcher he was barricaded in his bedroom and could "hear one of them talking."

"You're barricaded in your, in your bedroom? OK," the dispatcher is heard saying.

"Correct. Southeast corner. They broke in a back door. I can hear one of them talking," Peters said in response.

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