Illinois congresswoman says Republicans could repeal Inflation Reduction Act which affects cost of insulin

Affordable health care is a big concern for some as the midterm elections approach, and diabetics are keeping a close eye on the Inflation Reduction Act.

A $35 cap on the price of insulin for Medicare patients is part of the act set to go into effect in 2023.

Some Republicans are vowing to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act if they win control in Washington. 


Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky says she wants to make sure that doesn't happen.

"Congressman McCarthy announced a plan that he has should the Republicans take back the House of Representatives and the first thing he wants to do for reasons unknown to me, the consumers and people, wants to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act," said Schakowsky. 

There are 3.3 million people on Medicare that use insulin.

Costs in 2020 reached as high as just over $100.