'Keep on trusting in the Lord': Georgia native turns 100, shares her secret to long life

Mrs. Marie Robinson, using only a cane to steady herself, walks into her 100th birthday celebration in Henry County on Aug. 14, 2021.

Mrs. Marie Robinson, using just a cane to steady herself, walked into a Henry County community event center decorated in white and was quickly surrounded by dozens of her friends and family all dressed in yellow shirts on Saturday to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The Georgia native paused for a few minutes to dance to the music playing as she made her grand entrance. One might not have known she has seen a century pass on this earth if the party wasn’t to celebrate that exact milestone.

But before celebrating further, the centenarian walked over to a row of candles, each with a photo of her loved ones who had gone before her. She lit the candle of her late husband. Moses Robinson, who walked beside her for many years.


Mrs. Marie Robinson is escorted into her 100th birthday celebration in Henry County on Aug. 14, 2021. (FOX 5)

The couple was blessed with nine children, four who went before her, but five who are still with her. Her children blessed her with 35 grandchildren and 101 great-grandchildren, and even 18 great-great-grandchildren.

"I raised a lot of children. In this place, where we are now," she said. "They love me and they know I love them."


Mrs. Marie Robinson is escorted into her 100th birthday celebration in Henry County on Aug. 14, 2021.

Mrs. Robinson was born to Mr. Will and Mrs. Mary Morris in Henry County on July 18, 1921. Her family describes her as "a virtuous woman of God."

"This Phenomenal Proverbs 31 woman has shared her time and talents as a wife, mother, friend and sister the oldest of 3 siblings, a motivator fearless leader, and the fear of God, She is a prayer warrior and a servant to all who want to advance the lives of others," her family wrote about her.

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A crowd of family and friends greet Mrs. Marie Robinson as she celebrates her 100th birthday in Henry County on Aug. 14, 2021. (FOX 5)

Dressed in a white suit with yellow trim and a mustard-colored knitted corsage, and adorned with a tiara that read "Happy Birthday" as well as a jewel-studded mask, Mrs. Robinson made her way to the seat of honor while clapping and dancing to The Williams Brothers’ "Living Testimony" that both captured her faith and longevity well. 

"I feel good!" Robinson exclaimed. "God has blessed me!"

Mrs. Robinson has been active at County Line Methodist Church for as long as many can remember and has always tried to live her faith.

"My secret is to treat everybody right. And love everybody. Don’t hate nobody. That’s the only way we’re going to make it to the Kingdom," Robins exclaimed. "Serve the Lord."


Mrs. Marie Robinson lights candles to remember her husband and children who have gone before her at her 100th birthday celebration in Henry County on Aug. 14, 2021. (FOX 5)

"Mrs. Marie Robinson has been an extraordinary role model to her family, friends, members of her church, and DeKalb County community. She is a giver and loves to serve others," her family wrote about her.

While her family was speaking in the spiritual sense, they also don’t mind when that giving turns tangible. They particularly are fond of her biscuits, fried chicken, and potatoes salad she shares with them on special family occasions.


Mrs. Marie Robinson claps and dances along to the music during her 100th birthday celebration in Henry County on Aug. 14, 2021. (FOX 5)

She also had a message for the next generations to come.

"The one thing I would like to say to the young people, to raise their children right. Because you know that the young people, they don’t seem to understand. But us old people need to teach them what’s right. Raise them right, tell them how to love one another. And just keep on trusting in the Lord and He will make a way for you," she said.

Happy 100th birthday, Mrs. Marie Robinson. May you have many more trips around the sun!

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