Police investigate Snapchat post of shots fired in neighborhood

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A disturbing video circulating on Snapchat showing people shooting from a vehicle traveling through a west Houston neighborhood is now being investigated by police. As if a man with a gun recklessly shooting into a neighborhood from his open driver's side window isn't bad enough, the video goes on to show his female passenger doing the same thing from her window.

U/HarrisScores put the video on Reddit saying it was initially posted by someone on Snapchat. The man supposedly opened fire on Memorial Drive near Crossroads and the woman is said to have fired shots on Memorial Drive near State Highway 6.
The Houston Police Department has now seen the video and they are conducting an investigation. Residents in west Houston say they are in disbelief.

"Just kind of shocked," said one woman while shaking her head. "I don't even know what else to say about it."

"Anybody could have been shot, children, dogs," adds resident Diego Yanes. 

"I wouldn't want it anywhere, much less my neighborhood," says Teddy Nigh.