Prom dates surprised when kind woman picks up dinner tab

Pic: Therese de Leonn

A stranger's random act of kindness left a group of Clarksburg High School students stunned when she offered to pay for their meals.

Before a night filled with dancing, Therese de Leon and a prom group of 10 friends arrived at Ted's Bulletin for dinner.  As they were looking over the menu, their server Antonio returned to the table to inform them they were in for a special treat and had a huge surprise for them.

“He told us that there was a lady that night who was a regular customer at Ted’s. She wasn’t served by our server, Antonio, that night, but usually is.” Therese said, “She asked him which tables he had that night but said we were his only table. She told him that we looked absolutely stunning and offered to pay for our dinner-- anything we wanted.”

At first, the group thought it was a joke because there many other prom groups there as well. When they realized their server was not kidding, they were speechless or as Therese put it, their “jaws dropped."

At the end of their meal, the server identified the woman who covered their tab. The prom group walked over to her table and thanked her for making their night truly special and much more memorable.

“What we will never forget were the kind words she left with us. Before we left her table she reminded us to ‘always love ourselves’ and to remember that ‘we are beautiful inside and out.’”

Therese told FOX 5 the woman wanted to remain anonymous, but the waiter had to tell them because he had experienced something like this happen before.

But before parting ways, they all huddled together and took a picture-- which Therese posted on Twitter.

“It was refreshing and enlightening to know that there are still kind-hearted people out there. All over Twitter my friends and I have read about people like this woman who are generous and are genuinely kind to regular people like us. We never would have thought we would be able to experience generosity of this scale.”

According to Therese, the woman left a lasting impact on their lives and when the opportunity presents itself, they too will pay it forward. 

Given the chance, the group would love to thank the sweet lady again-- a millions times over!