Plans to open Save A Lot in Englewood put on hold after protesters put pressure on owners

Plans were put on hold Wednesday for a controversial opening of a new grocery store in Englewood.

Over 50 protesters gathered outside the Save A Lot near 63rd and Halsted to put pressure on the store owners to address some major concerns. 

The alderman in the area, Stephanie Coleman, was there to support them.

"Our community is curious as to why the rush, get to know us, so we can build the relationship," said Coleman.

Whole Foods once stood where the Save A Lot is now. 

City officials say the owners of Yellow Banana are responsible for bringing the grocery store to the area.


Inside the store, there was fresh produce, a local coffee shop and an area that will host local vendors.

The majority of the employees at the store were also hired from Englewood.

The owners decided to speak with the protesters and the community, and when it was all said and done, the CEO of Yellow Banana, Joe Canfield, made the tough call. 

"We decided not to open the store tomorrow based on the conversations I had with Ald. Coleman and the community members," said Canfield 

The owners will now meet with Coleman to talk about catering to the Englewood community.

There is no new timeline for when the store will open.