WARNING: Beware of scammers taking advantage of Vegas tragedy

After seeing the massacre in Las Vegas, so many people want to help. But before you donate money, there’s a scam warning you need to hear.

It’s difficult to fathom, but there are scam artists ready to take advantage of the tragedy by setting up fake fundraising sites.

Among the many shot was 27-year-old Tina Frost lost an eye and is in a coma. Her old high school is now collecting money.

"We understand how much time, effort and finances is going to cost for that family to care for her. And even though we may not be able to get there we're going to make sure they can get there,” said Mary Ellen Towns, who’s an Athletic Academic Advisor.

A family friend started a GoFundMe page for Frost. It's one of a multitude now set up as so many people long to help.

“Any time after a major tragedy, there's always a crop of scammers that pop up and unfortunately take advantage of it,” said Thomas Johnson.

Thomas Johnson from the Better Business Bureau of Chicago says you have to do your homework.

"You really have to be careful because it's really heartbreaking to think you might give up your hard earned money and it may go somewhere that's not even helping out the victims,” he said.

Johnson says there are good GoFundMe pages. The Clark County commissioner in Las Vegas created one. That campaign has now raised about $9 million.

But not all are legit. After the recent hurricanes, the BBB saw how fake fundraisers can spread easily on social media.

So here's their advice: check out any charitable organization on Give.org. Watch out for vague appeals that don't say how the funds will be used. And only give to fundraisers started by someone you know or a source you have verified.

"Always be highly skeptical and never give to anybody who reaches out to you that you don't know whether it's on social media or telephone or email. That’s usually really a tip off to the rip off,” Johnson said.

FOX 32 reached out to GoFundMe about this. They tell us they monitor all the campaigns and guarantee the money raised goes to victims and their families.

The BBB has started a new website to warn people about donating after tragedies.