Wisconsin brothers arrested in massive marijuana vape bust

Two Kenosha County brothers are in jail, accused in a massive illegal marijuana vape pen operation.

Police say that Tyler and Jacob Huffhines had ten employees who were filling three to five thousand vape cartridges with THC every day. The cartridges were being sold for $16 each.

Police found 31,000 vape cartridges, each containing a gram of THC. Police say it may be the largest illegal vape pen bust ever.

The whole operation came crashing down when a teenager who was dealing THC vape pens came clean to police, who eventually tracked the cartridges back to the Huffhines brothers.

"If it wasn't for these parents coming through and holding their son accountable, I don't think we'd be here today giving you the information and the gravity of this vaping epidemic that's going on in the nation right now,” authorities said.

Authorities are investigating whether the brothers are responsible for hundreds of cases of vaping related illness and several deaths across the country.