MLB commissioner threatens to stop season over COVID-19 cases

More and more baseball games are getting postponed because of the coronavirus. 

ESPN reports that 15 games have been postponed so far due to COVID-19 outbreaks among MLB clubhouses.

That is nearly one-fifth of planned games.

Due to concerns over the coronavirus, there have been reports that the Major League Baseball Commissioner could shut down the season.
On Friday, the MLB and MLB Players Association announced the latest COVID-19 test results.

Of the 11,895 monitoring samples collected and tested in the past week, 29 of them were new positives, which consisted of 20 players and 9 staff members. 
Some Cubs fans worry what this could mean for their season.

“It gets kinda frustrating with everyone watching and seeing these games you know postponed, I don’t know how that’s going to affect such a short season as it is. I don’t know how they’re going to make up these games and it seems like it just keeps on happening,” said Cubs fan Sean Brady.

“The players safety comes first, so like they’re obviously just looking out for all the players and everyone, but hopefully it can get taken care of so the season can continue,” said John Ittounas, another Cubs fan. 

If it doesn’t, Chris McWilliams with Clark Street Sports located outside the ballpark worries what it could mean for business and his future.

“If something do happen like they shutdown baseball...I'll lose my job,” said McWilliams.