Lottery scratch-off ticket wins $1M for Illinois man

Kevin Weaver from Fairview, Illinois won the top prize of $1 million on an Illinois Lottery scratch-off ticket, and plans to spend a portion of the prize money treating his wife | Illinois Lottery

A scratch-off lottery ticket made one Illinois man a millionaire.

Kevin Weaver, of Fairview, bought the $1 million winning scratch-off ticket at County Market, 1090 E. Fort St. in Farmington, Illinois.

"I scratched the ticket in my truck in the parking lot of County Market, and I was in complete shock when I saw that I had won a million dollars," Weaver said. "I immediately called my wife, Paula, to tell her the news. She didn’t believe me until I scanned the ticket on my lottery app to prove it to her!"

The winning ticket was the top prize of the $40 Million Mega Bucks lottery game.

Weaver said he plans to use his winnings to take his wife to Aruba, where he initially planned to propose.

"After discussing with Paula how we want to spend our winnings, we thought about how she often drives our grandkids around everywhere. It would be nice to treat her to a new minivan so that she can do it in style – happy wife, happy life," Weaver said.

County Market will receive a bonus of $10,000 for selling the winning ticket.

Over 24 million Illinois Lottery Fast Tickets have been sold this year, totaling over $622 million in prizes, according to lottery officials.

$40 Million Mega Bucks Lottery ticket | Illinois Lottery