Brandon Johnson receives endorsement from US Rep. Danny Davis

Mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson received support from a prominent Chicago congressman Monday.

U.S. Rep. Danny Davis endorsed Johnson for mayor Monday, as Paul Vallas won the backing of former mayoral candidate Roderick Sawyer.

"He has a great plan for the city of Chicago, a great plan to create the safest environment that we can have," Rep. Davis (D-IL) said.

Davis has been in Congress since 1996, but has been involved in Chicago politics since the late 1970's.


"[Johnson] is fair-minded, meaning that he will represent every part of the city of Chicago. He is well-prepared being a Chicago Public School teacher, which means that he is educated but he's also a father," Davis said.

Davis said Johnson has a great plan to create the safest environment and has a record of achievement and accomplishment.

At the endorsement news conference, Johnson delivered the same message he's delivering in a new television commercial, aimed at voters concerned because Johnson won't commit to filling the current 1,700 officer vacancies in the Chicago Police Department.


"Just Wednesday night, the day after I was propelled into this moment, there were gunshots yet again right outside my front door," Johnson said. "I have more incentive than Paul Vallas for a safer, stronger Chicago."

The candidate also confirmed that he was recently a passenger in a vehicle stopped briefly by Chicago police. He said no citation was issued.

"There was a question on whether or not the windows were too dark, which, as you know, is a dynamic that is ultimately subjective. And, after our driver produced all of their documentation, we were let go," Johnson said. "The officer never had a conversation with me at all. The officer had a conversation with the driver."