Ailing girl vows to raise more funds for sick children after thieves hack bank account


(FOX News) - A Massachusetts 10-year-old who suffers from a rare spinal disorder that inspired her to raise money to buy toys for other sick children says the thieves who hacked into her bank account won’t slow her down.

Noelle Gregoire first came up with the idea to swim for charity after she was treated at Tufts Floating Hospital for dysplastic spondylolisthesis, a rare degenerative spinal condition, reported. Swimming is the only physical activity Noelle can do without intense pain.

“It’s like having a broken arm every single day of your life, expect it’s in your legs and back,” she told the news station. “It starts to tingle and then it hurts a lot after.”

After the grueling therapy treatments, Noelle would find solace in visits to the toy closet, which led her to start the “Laps for Backs” fund, in which she swam 1.5 miles across New Hampshire Lake to raise money, reported.

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