Alderman Moreno hit with defamation lawsuit over false police report incident

A woman says a Chicago alderman ruined her reputation, and now she’s suing Proco "Joe" Moreno for defamation.

The alderman has been charged with filing a false police report after he reported his car stolen. A woman the alderman says he used to date was pulled over for driving the car, but she says he loaned it to her.

With four days to go in office, Alderman Moreno is finding himself in the midst of a scandal. Now, we are hearing from the woman who is suing the alderman and asking for compensation -- at least $50,000 -- claiming he ruined her character.

“I changed my hair color to dark to see if people [would] not recognize me,” said Liliya Hrabar.

Hrabar says she met the alderman last fall and in January, he loaned her his Audi A6. She was then pulled over and arrested a month later after he reported it stolen.

“I was thinking there was a hidden camera somewhere. I kept thinking it was a joke,” Hrabar said.

The 35-year-old mother and insurance broker was charged with stealing the car, but investigators found text messages proving the alderman loaned her the Audi. The charge against Hrabar was dropped, but now Moreno was arrested for filing a false police report.

"I talked to him after that and I still don’t understand why he done that. He was so sweet and so nice and I have no idea,” Hrabar said.

She says the alderman did tell her to be quiet.

“She felt that he was making promises to her to keep her quiet and keep her out of the press so it wouldn't hit before the February election,” said attorney Michael Gallagher.

Moreno -- an alderman for nine years -- lost the election. Court documents show Moreno was about to receive a $30,000 payment from his insurance company when the car was recovered.

“He has to take responsibility for what he done,” Hrabar said.

We reached out for comment from Moreno's attorney, but did not hear back. He is also facing charges of insurance fraud, disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice.

The alderman remains out on bond.