Basketball fans pay big to be a part of NBA All-Star 2020 in Chicago

They paid a pretty penny to be at the NBA All Star 2020 in Chicago.

“We are sitting in the 300 level in the corner in 304, tickets are about $900 each,” said Adam Dubinsky, NBA fan.

Those who came empty-handed had an opportunity to get a ticket right outside the gate for an inflated price. One scalper was selling a pair for $700 each, but said he’d take $500 each.

The last time the NBA hosted the All Stars in Chicago, it was 1988. So fans were beyond excited.

“Scale of one to ten, probably 100 million, I don't know. How about you? I mean it's your bucket list, to be at an NBA game,” said Steve Wojcik and his fiancé Stephanie Grund.

They arrived hours ahead of the game and police lined up outside. A fence provided additional security around the block allowing fans to focus on the main event.

“Who are you excited to see tonight? Lebron. Lebron? He's the guy? Yes, that's my boy."

Some arrived in Lakers gear to honor Kobe Bryant.

“It's very emotional, very painful that he's not here anymore,” said Nelson Macwan, Kobe fan.

“And this is another famous painting that my friend Kolanji did. These just came out Friday right here. It ain't too many basketball players that something could happen to that could bring people together like this,” said James Hickman, vendor who said his Kobe Bryant 2020 calendar was available through a quick Google search.

Those who didn’t have a ticket frequented the city’s other All Star stuff like an NBA game for student athletes held at the United Center early Sunday. A Michael Jordan tribute is at Ace Hotel, and a pop up shoe store, Flight Club, is at Fulton Market where shoes were going for up to $20,000.

“We put together Air Jordan one through 14 which are all the models that he wore in his playing days with Chicago,” said Malcolm McNeil of Flight Club.

Nine year old Jori Willis like the shoes a lot, but her dad doesn’t like the price.

"And they look really nice. You asking dad to get some for you? No, a little too expensive? I already know the answer,” said Willis.