Biden promises to name a woman as running mate if chosen as nominee

If former Vice President Joe Biden wins in Illinois and three other states on Tuesday, he will effectively become the Democratic party's presumptive nominee.

Trying to prevent that, Sen. Bernie Sanders invoked Biden's work years ago on a failed budget deal that would have cut some social security benefits during a debate on Sunday night.

"I did not talk about the 'need' to cut any of those programs," Biden snapped back.

Time and again, Sanders portrayed Biden as having flip-flopped on key issues including abortion and the minimum wage. But both men agreed they would undo many of the steps that President Trump has taken on immigration.

"I will end on day one the ugly demonization from the White House of immigrant communities in this country," Sanders said.

When asked about women's issues, Biden promised to name a woman as his running mate. He also promised to appoint the first African American woman to the Supreme Court.