Chicago officials urge early voting as hundreds of thousands could have new polling place

Early voting has expanded in Chicago ahead of an election that could have increased confusion when about half of voters may find their polling place has changed.

There are two weeks until Election Day on November 8, and voters have many reasons to get that ballot cast now — from convenience all the way up to protecting democracy.

"It’s very important. It’s probably the most important thing I’ve done in the last six months," said Ken Shanoff, after he cast his ballot.

This year, roughly 700,000 Chicago voters could have a new precinct polling place – after redistricting.

"That is about half of registered voters within Chicago. And that is something that happens every 10 years. So that's why we're getting the message out. Has your polling place changed? Make a plan to vote," said Max Bever, Director of Public Information for the Chicago Elections Board.


Election officials are urging early voting, and it's now easier with early voting sites open in all 50 Wards – plus a supersite in the Loop.

FOX 32 Chicago found voters jumping at the chance to pick who runs the state and our courts.

"We have to start bringing forth better judges and that’s how we get a better Supreme Court," said Mauricio Rainey.

At Chicago's early voting sites, any voter living in Chicago can vote, no matter where they live in the city. That continues through Election Day.

"If you don't have the time to go to your neighborhood polling place, or you're confused about that, you just go to one of the early voting sites that's also going to be open as a vote center on Election Day. You can vote right on the spot no matter where you live in the city," said Bever.

Another option is registering to vote by mail through November 3. Election officials urge you to do that sooner. Then, you can make sure your vote counts and mark that ballot off your to-do list.

Kim Geraghty described early voting as, "awesome. One less thing to do."