Chicago Police knock down door at wrong house in search warrant mess

CHICAGO (Fox 32 News) - A woman is looking for answers, and a new door, from Chicago Police after the execution of a search warrant, only for them to discover in the minutes after that they had the wrong address.

“The door is broke. The panel is off … the frame is messed up,” said Shanae Cross.

When Cross went to bed Thursday night, she didn't expect to wake up what she said was tactical officers in her home with weapons drawn, the result of the execution of a no knock search warrant.

The problem was that officers had the wrong address.

"I said ‘What is the address to the warrant? They said ‘8203.’ I said this is ‘8209’ - get (your) a**** out my house.”

Cross streamed the moments immediately following the incident to Facebook Live.

The house police were looking for is next door to Cross'.

Cross said police attempted to place her 17-year-old brother into handcuffs during the ordeal.

In the video she streamed, an officer is seen filling out paperwork as he promises to fix her door. Since then, she said, she's also received calls from Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

However, by Saturday her door had not been replaced, despite another video live streamed to Facebook in the afternoon showing police had returned with a contractor who said he, too, was sent to the wrong house by mistake.

“I haven't had any sleep,” Cross said. “Who's going to secure my home? The door is not securable.”

Cross said she wants the officers who made the mistake terminated.

Police sent a squad car to guard Cross' house on Saturday afternoon.