Chicagoan will grant $1K to those who want to help their community, the less fortunate

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FOX 32 is starting a project called "ONE CHICAGO" that looks for solutions and focuses on people working for answers on the front lines after crime rates skyrocketed in 2016.

The numbers tell a grim story in Chicago. Over four thousand people shot and 762 people were killed in the city last year. Many of these killings are concentrated in areas on the South and West sides. The problem has caused a divide that has split Chicago into a "Tale of Two Cities.”

One man on the West Side is trying to bridge the gap. He owns a restaurant in West Humboldt Park and every Monday closes his doors to paying customers and opens his doors to the less fortunate.

Quentin Love’s Turkey Chop Gourmet Grill is located at Chicago and St. Louis Avenues in the low-income, high-poverty neighborhood of West Humboldt Park.

Love invites the less fortunate in for a free meal every Monday from Noon to 3pm. Volunteers don’t just give out free meals, but free clothes, bottled water and health information.

This Thanksgiving, they gave out one thousand turkeys and on Christmas Eve, passed out 10,000 scarves, hats and gloves.

Love, who is a Chicago native, Marine and Chef is now asking for the public’s help. He wants to grant 120 people with one thousand dollars each to support them as they grow their business or help the community.

You can help Love by donating here:

In the two years the restaurant has offered the free meals on Monday, they’ve handed out 100-thousand meals.

“It means a lot to me because sometimes I don’t have no food at home,” said David Heirman, a neighbor in the community.

“Makes me feel goods - at least somebody cares,” said Willie Jones.

“The community needed something different other than a regular business that just took from the community, but we needed to create something where we give back to the community,” said Love.