Cook County man sentenced for dealing crack cocaine out of house, pointing gun at customer during dispute

Bag of cocaine in Larry Dennis possession (left) Larry Dennis pointing gun during drug-debt dispute (right)

A Cook County man has been sentenced to federal prison for dealing crack cocaine from his residence as well as possessing a loaded handgun. 

Larry Dennis, 39, of Markham, pleaded guilty earlier this year to a federal drug charge.

According to prosecutors, Dennis conducted a drug-dealing operation from his residence in Markham. When a customer would arrive outside the home, he would approach the customer or their vehicle to deliver baggies of narcotics in exchange for cash. 

In December 2020, Dennis pointed a gun at a man during a drug-debt dispute in the driveway of his home, prosecutors said.

In January 2021, law enforcement conducted a court-authorized search of Dennis' residence and located cocaine, marijuana, drug packaging materials and a loaded handgun. Dennis was previously convicted of multiple state felonies including firearm offenses and was not allowed to possess a gun.

On Monday, a judge imposed a six-and-a-half-year sentence for Dennis. 

Bag of cocaine possessed by Dennis (prosecutors)