Cook County property taxes: Here's what you can do if you're late paying first installment

This year’s first payment of Cook County property taxes was due on Monday before midnight.

This time around, taxpayers received an extra month to pay their first installment bills. Payments could be made by mail or online.

The Cook County treasurer estimates 97 percent of homeowners will pay their property taxes on time. However, homeowners who cannot afford to pay in full have an extra 13 months to pay it off, until the property goes to "tax sale."


"There's actually a built-in payment plan at the county, which allows you to not pay on time and be able to pay with a point-and-a-half interest a month. And many people take advantage of that, said Maria Pappas, Cook County treasurer.

Homeowners can go to to see if they have any money coming their way in overpayments, or if they are getting all their exemptions.